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Industry Players: Exhibitor relations and in-theatre marketing

Cinedigm executives, September 2010
Diane Anselmo, VP of customer operations, Cinedigm Digital Cinema
Gerd Jakuszeit, president and chief operating officer, Cinedigm Digital Media Services (DMS), photo on right
Steven R. Johnson, VP of operations and exhibitor relations, UniqueScreen Media (USM), above on left
Brad Carroll, VP business development and sales at Cinedigm Entertainment Group

“Digital cinema, alternative content and live events, film and trailer delivery, cinema advertising: We touch exhibitors in so many ways.”


John C. Hall, August 2010, Universal Pictures
Universal relations: John Hall leaves his mark at the movie theatre

“I am a moviegoer, first and foremost,” says John C. Hall of Universal Pictures. “That’s why I got into this business.”


Chas Evans, July 2010, Creative Services, Paramount Pictures International

Creativity is Paramount: PPI's Chas Evans brings international savvy

"In-theatre is very important, as it represents the point-of-purchase," affirms Chas Evans, senior VP, creative affairs, at Paramount Pictures International (PPI).


Robert Macias, May 2010, Fandango

Ticketing partnership: Fandango's Macias helps make moviegoing

"At Fandango, we're advocates making sure that the exhibitors are top of mind in all our decisions, as they are our most valuable partners," assures Robert Macias, director of studio and exhibitor relations at Fandango, Inc.

Branden Miller, April 2010, 20th Century Fox

Captain of the Team: Branden Miller strategizes Fox in-theatre

Everything that takes place in the theatres pertaining to one of our films is the domain of Branden Miller, VP of 20th Century Fox In-Theatre Marketing, and his team

Mike Polydoros, February 2010, Lionsgate

Kelly O'Connor, November 2009, Warner Bros.

Nancy Klueter, October 2008, Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios

Pat Gonzalez, November 2006, Paramount Pictures

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