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Player Profile: Laemmle Theatres' community commitment

Whether it is an advantage to have a family-owned and operated business depends on how you look at the options, says Gregory Laemmle of the Los Angeles-based circuit that bears his last name. “From a financial standpoint, there are certain benefits to a public structure in terms of raising capital and so forth,” he notes. “If you are talking about understanding a company’s mission and place within the community, however, I like to think that… Continue

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Baader Meinhof USA: RAF fights IRA at box office, no "Five Minutes of Heaven" for other German films

Edel schlägt Hirschbiegel

... und andere deutsche K(l)assenkämpfe in den USA

Mit einem Schnitt von 8 674 Dollar setzte sich „The Baader Meinhof Complex“ (BMC) gegen „Five Minutes of Heaven“ durch. Während Oliver Hirschbiegels Nordirland-Drama in einem Saal des New Yorker Angelika Filmcenter 5 364 Dollar einspielte, kassierten die RAF Terroristen auf der Leinwand nebenan und aus einem weiteren Saal von Cinema 1, 2, 3 auf der Upper Eastside zusammen 17 384 Dollar. BMC-Verleih… Continue

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Baader Meinhof USA: marketing German RAF film "complex" indeed

Andreas Fuchs speaks with Margot Gerber and David Shultz of Vitagraph Films.

Verleih und Start-Marketing in der Tat „Complex”

„Stefan Aust, Co-Autor von THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX, denkt an Ulrike Meinhof wenn er durch die Flughafen-Sicherheitskontrolle geht, lautete eine Twitter Meldung am 12. August. Und drei Tage vorher, präsentierte die erfolgreiche „Law & Order” Fernsehserie gar… Continue

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FilmEcho 33/09: marks movie moments to take a bathroom break; Hollywood plays with Mattel and Hasbro

Published in Germany: 14 August 2009

** U.S. Box-Office: “G.I. JOE” marches on top of charts with $54.7 million and helps lift box office 21% over prior-year weekend; “Julie & Julia” cooking with $20 mil. and “The Perfect Getaway” getting away with $5.9 mil. on seven; “(500) Days of Summer” enters top ten and becomes highest grossing specialized title of the year so far; hold-over reporting [BoxOff];

** U.S. News: Ron Howard… Continue

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FilmEcho 33/09: Steven Spielberg to remake “My Friend Harvey” for Fox and DreamWorks

Published in Germany: 7 August 2009

** U.S. Box-Office: Summer season plus turns even with last year: “Funny People” laughing with $22.7 mil. on top; leads not so funny; “Aliens in the Attic” attack on five as “The Collector” gathers $3.6 million on eleven [BoxOff];

** U.S. News: Rob Marshall taking over “Pirates of the Carribbean” franchise; Fox and Scott Free are planning prequel to “Alien” written by Jon Spahit [p3];

More cash at Carmike Cinemas (Q2 2009 results)… Continue

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FilmEcho 31/09: “Alice” and “Avatar” at Comic Con

Published in Germany: 31 July 2009

** U.S. Box-Office: “Guinea pigs beat Potter” [BoxOff];

** U.S. News: Jeffrey Katzenberg believes Blu-ray will help bring 3D to homes, at Brainstorm tech conference sponsored by Forbes, Mitsubishi announces largest 3D television set at 82-inches [p3];

“Alice” and “Avatar” at Comic Con, directors and 3D enlightend fans in San Diego; [USA01]; DGA elects Taylor Hackford president, who calls theft of intellectual property his biggest… Continue

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